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B2B Hammocks: large quantities

The perfect summer present

Hammocks as a business gift

Every year, many entrepreneurs are faced with the choice of giving suitable business gifts to their business relations and employees. Tropilex has already helped dozens of companies with this challenge.

Tropilex can supply tailor-made hammocks and hanging chairs. We can even personalise them by printing a logo or add a company text. And don't worry about shipping. We take care of everything!

The advantage of a hammock as a business gift is that the whole family is happy with such a gift (especially the children). A hammock as a gift is therefore almost always used and that is good for brand awareness and the relationship!

Are clients outsourcing tasks to you?

Let your clients relax in a hammock while you do the hard work for them. A unique promo gift that has already been used by many companies!

For example, give your new client a hammock after a successful onboarding or after achieving the first objectives.

Large quantities for B2B

Increase loyalty

Tropilex hammocks are given in the following way

Summer packages with hammocks

Do it completely differently for once and surprise business relations and employees with a Summer Package.

A nice colourful hammock, packed in a nice box with included mounting material. That is a gift that will make everyone happy!

Hammock as a Christmas present

A hammock as a Christmas present does especially well with the children. We can promise you they are going to love it!

We can pack the hammocks in beautiful Christmas gift boxes. Just let us know your plans.

Tropilex Gift Voucher

Let your clients or employees choose which hammock they want on our website. Give a Tropilex Gift Voucher as a gift and we take care of the everything.

Large quantities for B2B



How can I order as a company or institution?

Enter your company name at checkout, pay via a payment method and you will receive the invoice from us.

Will VAT be reverse-charged automatically?

Is the company based in the EU but outside the Netherlands? Then also enter the VAT number. The VAT is then automatically shifted in the check-out. You will receive an invoice on which the VAT has been reverse-charged.

We cannot change the invoice afterwards. We also cannot transfer the VAT afterwards. You should therefore carefully check all details in the checkout.

Can I as a company or institution add a reference?

If a reference must be stated on the invoice, you must enter this in a field at checkout. For example after the company name or to the surname.

Can I get a quote as a company or institution?

All discounts are automatically added to the shopping cart. So you immediately see what the total costs are and whether the products are in stock. We do not give any other discounts. Read more about discounts here.

If you need a quotation as a PDF, do the following: First place the order via the website. Choose as payment method "Bank transfer".

You will immediately receive an order confirmation by e-mail. The e-mail also contains the order confirmation as a PDF. Use this PDF as a quote.

When the quote has been approved by you, you can place the order again and pay immediately. Or pay via the payment details that have been sent to you in a separate email. After payment you will automatically receive the invoice.

Cancel quote? The order will be automatically canceled after 14 days if payment is not made.

Can I as a company or institution pay by invoice?

Does your administration need the invoice first before the order can be paid? Then we have the following solution.

First place the order via the website. Choose “Bank Transfer” as the payment method.

You will immediately receive an order confirmation by e-mail. Reply to this order confirmation with the comment that you would like to receive the invoice first.

We will email the invoice with our bank account number (IBAN) within 1 working day.

We will ship the order after receiving the payment. We check this once a week. You can send us a proof of payment to speed this up.

Note: You will receive a payment request from our payment provider Mollie for the order you have placed. You can ignore this one. We cancel the order you placed and create a new order with a new invoice.

Can I as a company or institution also pay afterwards by invoice?

That is not possible. The order must be paid in full before it is shipped.

Can I as a company or institution get a discount if I place a large order?

Click here for the answer to this question.

I lost my invoice, can I request the invoice?

The invoice will be sent by e-mail immediately after payment. Search on "Tropilex" or on "Tropilex B.V." in your own mailbox to look up the invoice.

Not found? You can request the invoice yourself via this link. You can only request the invoice from the same website + language in which the order was made.

We cannot email the invoice again. You must use the link above.

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