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The most beautiful hammocks from Colombia. Each hammock is handmade and fair trade. Free shipping and returns.

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Tropilex hammocks are produced in South America. Our hammocks are made by hand in Colombia and Brazil and Tropilex also produces beautiful hammocks in India. We only supply hammocks of the highest quality.

With all our hammocks, the matching hammock stands have been accurately specified.

Which hammock do you choose?

The main hammock rule is: the bigger the hammock, the more comfortable you lie in the hammock! A double or family hammock is more comfortable than a single hammock. Even if you only lie in it by yourself.

With a classic hammock, you lie in the hammock. With a hammock with spreader bar, you lie on the hammock.

Classic hammock

True hammock fanatics often choose the classic hammock. You see this hammock mainly in Brazil, Colombia and the rest of South America. These types of hammocks are also called Brazilian hammock or Colombian hammock.

A classic hammock is also perfect for sleeping and napping. You are less likely to fall out of a classic hammock. This is because you are lying in the hammock and folding the cloth around you. In a classic hammock you should lie slightly reclined. You keep the cloth open with your own body.

Spreader bar hammock

A hammock with spreader bar is very suitable for sunbathing. The cloth of the hammock remains open because of the spreader bars and therefore does not wrap around your body. In a spreader bar hammock you can just lie straight, unlike a normal hammock.

Some spreader bar hammocks are also called American hammocks. An American hammock is an extra large and luxurious hammock. The cloth is padded and that is of course extra soft!

Mexican Hammock

The Mexican hammock is a classic hammock, but not made of woven cloth but of hundreds of braided wires. The Mexican hammock is just as comfortable and soft as a classic hammock. A Mexican hammock is unfortunately less suitable for children due to its hundreds of braided wires.

The Mexican hammock is very pleasant, especially during extreme heat. You sweat less and every breeze of wind blows over your back.

We ship all hammocks directly from our stock within 24 hours!