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Baby Hammocks - Baby Hammock
The most beautiful baby hammocks from Colombia. Every baby hammock is handmade and fair trade. Free shipping and returns.

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Tropilex hammocks are produced in South America. Our hammocks are made by hand in Colombia and Brazil and Tropilex also produces beautiful hammocks in India. We only supply hammocks of the highest quality.

Why a baby hammock?

Babies love to sleep in a baby hammock. The gentle rocking of the hammock almost automatically puts the baby to sleep.

A baby also really likes the curved shape of the hammock. A baby's back is not fully stretched yet. The shape of the hammock perfectly matches the baby's curved back.

Baby hammock in the playpen

Our baby hammocks are suitable for hanging in the playpen. Use a sturdy rope or carabiner to hang the baby hammock from the edge of the playpen.

Hang a baby hammock no more than 10-15 cm from the ground. In addition, make sure there is something soft under the baby hammock, for example a mattress. Always read the baby hammock instructions and safety warnings. These can be downloaded as a PDF on the product page of the baby hammock.

We ship all hammocks directly from our stock within 24 hours!