Hammocks for campsites and B&B

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Hammocks for Holiday Parks, B&B and Hotels

The right hammocks for your leisure company

Upgrade the holiday experience

Whether it is one hammock or large numbers, Tropilex has already provided 300+ leisure companies with hammocks and hanging chairs.

Because of our experience we know exactly which hammocks will suit the wishes of your guests.

One of our happy clients is Camping de Lakens. They use the Tropilex ‘Rope’ hammock made from recycled plastic bottles to give a better holiday experience to their guests (see photos).

The perfect holiday feeling

We are often told by our customers that a hammock is the perfect holiday feeling. Campsites, holiday parks and home rentals can respond perfectly to this!

Hammocks illustrate the perfect holiday feeling and give your guests an extra experience of freedom.

Through our experience we know that campsites, holiday parks, hotels and B&B all use hammocks in their own way. Let us tell you more.

Hammock for campsites and hotels

Increase satisfaction

Tropilex hammocks are used in the following ways

Offer free hammocks

Guests naturally prefer everything to be as cheap as possible. Fortunately, free of charge can be an excellent business model.

By allowing guests to enjoy a hammock for free, they will rate your campsite or holiday park much higher!

With a 'premium' bungalow or safari tent

Surprise your 'premium' guests with a stay including a relaxing hammock.

For example by offering a free hammock with a luxury safari tent or a premium bungalow. A fun and original way to up sell.

Hammocks for rent

Perhaps the best business idea we have for campsites and holiday parks: renting out hammocks to your guests.

There are already campsites in France and the Netherlands (to which we deliver) that have included hammock hire in their booking forms.

Selling in the camping shop

Do you have a camping shop on site? Besides renting out hammocks, you can of course also sell hammocks!

Hanging chairs in every room

Hotel rooms and B&B rooms are often limited in space. A hammock will therefore not fit. But a hanging chair often fits perfectly in every room!

By hanging up the hanging chair with big carabiner hooks, the guest can easily temporarily remove the hanging chair when he needs more space. When he wants to relax in a unique way, he can hang the hanging chair back within 5 seconds!

Hammocks in the lobby or communal area

Immediately gives guests a unique feeling when entering: Hang up a few hammocks or hanging chairs in the lobby or reception area.

Why not make sure your hotel is known as the most relaxed hotel in the world?

We have many trendy hammocks and hanging chairs. Take a look at our hammocks and hanging chairs and then contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

Hammocks for holiday parks



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