Cama de Rede com Suporte Família 'Larch'

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Tipo Cama de Rede com Suporte Família
Marca Tropilex ®
Caridade A Tropilex doa 1% de cada venda para preservar o nosso planeta!
Peso 31,4 kg
Cor Madeira
Embalagem 198,5 x 47 x 12 cm
Capacidade 200 kg
Material Madeira (FSC 100%)
Comprimento total 414 cm
Largura total 155 cm
Altura total 160 cm
Ajustável Sim (cadeia)
Comprimento de cama de rede ideal 360 - 400 cm

The greatest wooden hammock stand ever build!

This beautiful wooden stand look great in any garden. Made from 100% FSC certified larch wood.

Larch is a wood valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Larch wood is frequently used for outdoor purposes due to its hardness. It is also used in the ship- and boat crafting area. The natural resistance to the weather distinguishes larch wood from all other domestic woods.

The larch wood of this hammock stand has undergone a dipping bath and a extra oil treatment. We advice to oil the hammock stand again after 3-4 years. If you don't oil the hammock stand again it will in time slowly turn grey.

You hang the hammock on the supplied chain, which can easily be adjusted to the length of the hammock. Keep in mind the total length of the hammock.

Dimensions and maximum capacity

There is one size of the Larch hammock-stand.

Hammock stand Wood 'Larch'
Fits all Tropilex family hammocks and hammocks with a total length of 360 - 400 cm. Maximum capacity is 200 kg.

Combination deal: Hammock stand + Hammock

You get a nice discount when you buy this Larch hammock stand together with a Tropilex hammock.

The discount is automatically added to the shopping cart. See the hammock product page for the exact bundle discount.

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