Suporte da Cadeira Suspensa 'Elegance'

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Tipo Suporte da Cadeira Suspensa
Marca Tropilex ®
Caridade A Tropilex doa 1% de cada venda para preservar o nosso planeta!
Peso 23,2 kg
Cor Preto
Embalagem 189 x 49,5 x 10,5 cm
Capacidade 160 kg
Material Metal
Comprimento total 128 cm
Largura total 130 cm
Altura total 238 cm
Ajustável Sim (cadeia)

Most sturdy metal hanging chair stand available on the market

This is the most sturdy metal hanging chair stand available on the market. The tubes are of an extra large diameter. The special construction also provides even more stability.

The 'Elegance' is also easy to adjust with the included chains. But also with the 26 cm removable intermediate piece. As a result, many different hanging-chairs can be hung in it.

Thanks to the newly developed coating for metal, this standard is resistant to all types of weather and can bear a lot of weight. The coating also makes the hanging-chair stand more resistant to scratches than other metal stands.

Dimensions and maximum capacity

There is one size of the Tropilex Elegance hanging-chair stand.

Hanging-chair stand 'Elegance'
Fits all Tropilex hanging-chairs and hanging-chairs with a total length of 100 - 190 cm. Maximum capacity is 160 kg.

Combination deal: Hanging-chair stand + Hanging-chair

You get a nice discount when you buy this Elegance hanging-chair stand together with a Tropilex hanging-chair.

The discount is automatically added to the shopping cart. See the hanging-chair product page for the exact bundle discount.

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