Hängstolar – Rotting

Hängstolar - Rotting - Den ursprungliga hängande äggstolen
Upplev ultimat avkoppling med Tropilex hängande stol i rotting. Slitstark, bekväm, snygg och lätt att underhålla. Beställ nu för den ultimata sittupplevelsen.

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You will find the perfect rattan hanging chair here

Do you want the ultimate relaxation, in your own home? Wherever you live, the Tropilex rattan hanging chair is durable, comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain. And why not give your hanging egg chair experience a boost with one of our matching hanging chair stands? It all starts with choosing your hanging egg chair . Just browse through our catalogue and pick your favourite!

Choose your favourite rattan hanging chair

Are you looking for your new favourite chair? A Tropilex hanging egg chair will take that prize for sure. We have a wide variety of rattan hanging chairs to choose from in a tempting variety of colours.

All our hanging chairs are made from the finest quality rattan.. Choosing rattan means choosing a strong, durable material that will withstand the elements the whole year round. Our hanging egg chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are easy to clean and maintain – leaving you more time to relax and enjoy!

Which kind of hanging egg chair is right for you?

From hammock chairs to our hanging chair set, from pillows to covers for your hanging chair – we have everything you need.

The weight of our basic hanging egg chair is 15 kg, suitable for a load of up to 160 kg. With a total length of 73 cm, a total width of 65 cm and a total height of 110 cm, our hanging egg chair is ideal for pretty much everyone. Our chairs are available in black, anthracite, grey, taupe, and brown, so you will definitely find your favourite natural colour. They even come with a beautiful matching cushion.

The hanging chair set consists of a hanging egg chair , and sturdy hanging chair stand. This stand is easy to set up and has all the fixings included. And thanks to the extra built-in spring, it’s even more comfortable.

With the hanging chair stand added, you’ll benefit from our unique four-leg design. While other brands’ hanging chairs often have just one round leg – which quickly gets wobbly – the Tropilex hanging chair stand ensures your hanging egg chair stays stable, even outdoors.

Stylish and comfortable: it’s two-in-one with our hanging egg chair

The Tropilex hanging rattan chair is not only strong, safe, and durable, it’s also designed with comfort as a top priority. It features a spacious seat and backrest for maximum relaxation. While sitting in some other hanging egg chairs, your neck can be in an uncomfortable position. That’s not the case with our hanging egg chair, so sit back and relax to the max!

Moreover, our hanging egg chair is designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic. Whatever the decor of your home, garden, or office, your chair will fit right in. What’s more, the pillows are replaceable. So, whether you prefer black, anthracite, grey, taupe or brown, you can mix and match to suit your mood.

Protect your hanging rattan chair with a special cover

Want to take extra care of your hanging egg chair? Our rain covers are specially made for Tropilex hanging egg chairs and stands. Thanks to the water-repellent parachute fabric, you can easily protect the hanging chair against heavy rain and other wet weather conditions. A cord at the bottom allows you to tighten the cover around the chair, and special clips on the outside of the cover make it possible to attach the hanging egg chair to something else to keep it secure in strong winds.

We recommend you store your hanging egg chair and/or set indoors from October to April, even if you use the special cover. The cover protects against wet weather and wind, but not against cold temperatures.

Order a hanging egg chair now for the ultimate seating experience

Are you looking for an affordable hanging rattan chair? The Tropilex hanging egg chair is definitely worth the price. Moreover, at Tropilex we want to take care of people and the planet. Therefore, as a proud member of 1% For The Planet, we donate a minimum of 1% of our annual sales to support environmental non-profit organisations.

We ship C02 neutral, and our packages are as environmentally friendly as possible. All the packaging and paper we use is made from FSC-certified paper or recycled paper.

Each hanging egg chair pillow is woven and finished by hand by traditional hammock weavers in Colombia, Brazil and India. For all our products, we monitor production as closely as possible.

Do you want to experience the ultimate in relaxation, whether inside or outside? Check out our rattan hanging egg chairs now!