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How to hang your hanging chair? Fixing and mounting kits
How to hang your hanging chair? Find all fixing solutions and mounting kits for your hanging chair. Free shipping and returns.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Attachment for your hanging chair

Tropilex has an extensive range to easily attach your hanging chair. Hang your hanging chair easily with our handy attachment sets. Or order the attachment material separately and put together your own attachment.

We have written an extensive FAQ page on how to hang your hanging chair. The page contains useful schematic representations of the perfect distances. See the Hanging Chair FAQ page.

Attach hanging chair to ceiling or beam

To attach a hanging chair to a wall, ceiling, beam or pole, you need an attachment with screws. The screws are supplied including plugs. This hanging chair attachment is therefore suitable for wood, concrete and stone.

Attach hanging chair to a branch or freestanding beam

To attach a hanging chair to a branch of a tree or free beam, you can use an attachment without screws. Tie the rope tightly around the tree or beam, click the hanging chair into the carabiner and you can relax!

Carabiner: easy to attach your hanging chair

Our attachment has oversized carabiners. This makes it easy to click the hanging chair in and out of the carabiner.

This way you can easily store the hanging chair in a dry place, while you let the attachment hang.

Attaching the hanging chair with rope or chain?

You can bridge a greater height with a rope. The attachment set contains 3 meters of rope.

The chain of 75 cm is especially suitable for bridging small heights. 75 cm is sufficient for a normal ceiling.

We ship all hanging chair attachments directly from our stock within 24 hours!