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How to hang your hammock?

On this page you find everything to hang your hammock

Always stretch your hammock first

Always stretch your new hammock. A new hammock stretches 5 - 15%! A hammock is finished and/or woven by hand. Because of this, there are always small length differences for each hammock.

Simply hang your hammock somewhere and lay down in your hammock. After 5 minutes the hammock has the right length.

Defining the hanging height & length

Some prefer a slightly tighter hanging hammock, others like to lie in a loosely hanging hammock. There is only one rule: you can always hang a hammock looser not tighter. Tighter hanging is only possible if you move the suspension points.

You should hang your hammock with two people. This way you can determine the hanging height and the length first. Each person picks up the (stretched) hammock on one side then determine where the hammock should come.

Don't forget to subtract the hanging material from the distance. The middle of the hammock should be 40-60 cm off the ground.

Hanging a Classic Hammock

A classic hammock should hang as a banana. A little loose between the two suspension points.

The distance between the two suspension points can be determined by a simple rule: The suspension height should be roughly one half of the suspension distance. For example, a classic hammock with a length of 3.5 meters, requires a suspension height of approximately 1.75 meter.

If the distance between the suspension points is greater, the hammock must be mounted a little higher.

Hanging a Spreaderbar Hammock

A hammock with spreaderbar should hang almost tightly between the two suspension points. The tauter the hammock is hung, the greater the comfort. A longer spreaderbar hammock may hang a little more in a curve.

The suspension height should be approximately one third of the distance between suspension points. For example, a spreaderbar hammock with a length of 3.5 meters, requires a suspension height of approximately 1,16 meter.

There is no perfect calculation

The data we give are indicative. Intended to inform you about the possible dimensions so you can order the right hammock. This suggested height and length is absolutely not mandatory. The hanging distance may be smaller if you have enough height and vice versa.

Never start drilling or screwing without determining the exact position by holding the (stretched) hammock in the right position with two persons.

Hammock FAQ

Questions about hammocks answered

Classic or spreaderbar hammock?

A classic hammock is perfect to relax and sleep. You keep the canvas open with your body by lying diagonal in the hammock. The canvas automatically wraps around you a bit.

A spreader bar hammock is an ideal hammock for sun worshippers. You can lie straight in the hammock and the canvas remains open by the spreader bars.

We can't tell you what's best: this is mostly personal. We are fans of both hammocks!

Hammock shorter than specified specifications?

Ordered a hammock that's a little short? Don't panic. The hammock will stretch. Because cotton grows, blooms and is processed differently in each country, it also varies how much the hammock can stretch.

India: ± 5%, Colombia: 5-10%, Brazil: 10-15%

All Tropilex hammocks are made by hand, small differences in size are possible anyway.

How to measure the total hammock length?

Do you need to buy a hammock stand with your hammock? Then you need to know the total length of the hammock. At Tropilex each hammock stand is stated to which hammock length the hammock stand is suitable.

Lay down the hammock on the floor and pull the already stretched hammock tight and measure the total hammock length.

How to wash a hammock or hanging chair?

We recommend always washing Tropilex hammocks and hanging chairs by hand.

Tropilex hammocks and hanging chairs can be placed in the washing machine if it has a hand wash programme and a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. This is on your own responsibility. We recommend the use of a laundry bag. It is best to tie the attachment cords together with a string so that they do not get entangled. A pillow must be taken out of the cover in advance.

Always let it dry by air: do not use a tumble dryer! Hammocks with a spreading bar cannot be washed in the washing machine because of the attached spreader bar.

Can I leave the hammock outside?

Tropilex hammocks and hanging chairs can handle rain. This is partly due to the mix of polyester and cotton. So if the hammock gets wet once, this is not a problem, but when not in use, we advise you to store the product dry.

How to storage my hammock?

Make sure the cloth is not damp when you store it. Always store the hammock in a dry place and make sure the mice cannot reach it.

How to download manuals?

You can download specific instruction manuals and safety instructions on the product page for each product in PDF format. Please contact customer service if the product is not longer available.

These are the most frequently downloaded instructions:

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