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Collaborating with influencers

Tropilex works regularly with large and small influencers and website owners. Check #Tropilex on Instagram for a small overview of our latest collaborations.

In exchange for promotion on your website, blog, Instagram or Facebook we can set up a partnership. You'll receive a fixed amount, a free hammock or we'll set up a special (win) offer for your followers.

Become an affiliate

Do you have a website, app or blog? Then you can also choose to become a affiliate partner and earn commission when you refer visitors to Tropilex. For every purchase a visitor makes you will receive commission.

The Partner Program works according to the affiliate marketing model. It's simple: sign up and become a affiliate partner. Then you promote Tropilex hammocks and earn commission on every purchase that visitors to your website make on Tropilex.

Hammocks for Affiliates

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* An own hosted website or blog is essential.