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Hanging Chair Stand - Wood or Metal Hanging Chair Stand
The most beautiful hanging chair stands for hanging chairs. Made from wood (100% FSC) or the metal. Free shipping and returns.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

You can find the perfect hanging chair stand here

Don't have a hanging chair yet? With all our hanging chair, the matching hanging chair stands have been accurately specified. So first choose your hanging chair and then the suitable hanging chair stand.

Already have a hanging chair? Then read on to determine the correct hanging chair stand size.

Which hanging chair stand do you choose?

Tropilex has various hanging chair stands in our collection. New are the hanging chair stands where the hanging chair hangs from two suspension points. The advantage is that this hanging chair stand is more stable. The total height of the hanging chair stand is also lower.

Determine the correct size

Determining the right hanging chair stand is pretty easy. Hang the hanging chair to keep it taut. Measure the total height of the hanging chair including the distance from the ground. Now choose the right hanging chair standard.

You need to stretch a new hanging chair first. A new hanging chair stretches 5 - 15%. Hang the hanging chair somewhere and sit in the hanging chair. After 5 minutes, the hanging chair is the correct length.

Wooden hanging chair stand

The wooden hanging chair stands of Tropilex are produced in the EU. The FSC® certified wood comes from Scandinavia, where the selected forests are replanted immediately.

A wooden hanging chair stand looks great in any garden. A wooden stand with hanging chair looks elegant and natural. The impregnated wood ensures an extra long lifespan of the wooden hanging chair stand.

The wooden hanging chair stand can be extra stained or oiled. This way you can determine the colour tone of the wooden hanging chair stand and extra protect the wood yourself. This is not really necessary because the wood is already impregnated.

Metal hanging chair stand

The advantage of the metal stand with hanging chair, is that it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Do you want a very robust metal stand with a hanging chair? Then choose the 'Elegance' standard with hanging chair.

We ship all hanging chair stands directly from our stock within 24 hours!